Every month over a thousand West Australians get diagnosed with cancer. Cancer diagnosis is a life changing and stressful event. Treatment of cancer has improved over recent years to a dramatic level. We are in the path to make this disease another chronic disease. Due to effective screening programs we now more often diagnose cancer at a curable state. Even at later stages of cancer, treatment is taking this once rapidly terminal disease to a much more controllable and long standing disease. Due to these changes more patients diagnosed with cancer live longer and leads a productive life. Usual cancer treatment includes patients having blood tests, scans, seeing doctors and having long hours of treatment in hospitals. These factors add on a significant burden to everyday life.

If only you can significantly reduce this time factors … then you can concentrate on more important things in life. Our aim is to provide best evidence based treatment to patients while reducing time burden associated with treatment. We can provide you care with experts in the field reducing waiting times to see your specialist, cutting down on travel times and also provide part of your treatment at the comfort of your own home while having highly trained nurses administering treatment.